What is a yagya?

Yagya is an ancient Vedic ritual whose age is difficult to determine. It is not only a ritual, but also an extremely powerful tool for the realisation of creative and mystical energies, including the hidden dimensions of our consciousness. It is believed that the rishis (human ancestors) performed yagyas even before the emergence of mankind in order to achieve good results, neutralise deficiencies and generally harmonise. This is still the case today as yagyas are performed to satisfy the Higher Powers and seek their favour and blessings.

The fruits of yagya?

Yagya is one of the few ways to change one's karma, an opportunity to convey to the Gods and the Absolute one's requests, wishes, regrets for past mistakes... Human life is a reflection of individual consciousness. What is present in consciousness manifests in life, and what is absent does not. When we change our consciousness, we change our life. Yagya is one of the few solutions that can change our consciousness. Simply put, the fruits of Yagya are very tangible!

The Yagya procedure?

Yagya is performed at an auspicious place, time and day, which are specially chosen according to the type of yagya, the Yagyaman and the higher power it is meant for. Agni (fire) appears in one way or another in the rituals of every important spiritual tradition because Agni is a transformer, a messenger, a courier between humans and the gods. A description of the yagya procedure would take at least the length of a book, so I will concentrate on a few points. Before lighting the fire and invoking the Deity, the pandit-priests build one or more kalashas/benches, prepare the kundā/fire altar, recite the sankalpa/holy mantra giving the name and other details of the Yagyamana, and perform the aarti/ritual to their worshipped deity, the Guru, as well as the puja to other deities connected with the yagya. The japa is then recited by the Pandit priests. It is time to call the Fire. Fire is invoked by rubbing or mantras. In some cases, the fire is brought from a special place where it always burns. The fire ritual begins. Only certain types of wood are used. During the fire, Pandit priests offer ghee and havi. In some cases, the yagya ends with the distribution of food to certain people, depending on the type of yagya, and prasad is always distributed

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Who can perform a yagya?

Yagya can be performed by a Brahmin who is qualified to perform it. Experience has shown that not every member of this class is a true professional. Effective yagyas are performed by Pandit priests in the name of Yagyaman. Pandit priests should not be confused with temple pujaris. Not every pujari is a pandit. I have been visiting sacred places in India for more than 10 years and participating in various rituals. I am a guide and tour operator to sacred places in India. A few years ago I found the best Pandit Brahmins/priests. Therefore, I personally guarantee that the Yagya will be performed for you at the highest, respectable level.

For whom can yagya be performed? Types of Yagya?

Yagya helps to harmonise the overall space within a radius of a few kilometres of the yajnashala. The positive effect on the Yagyaman personally occurs irrespective of his location during the ritual. Yagya can be performed for a living or a dead person, for an individual or for a group of people, a family, a city, a country or even for the whole of humanity. It does not matter what the nationality or religious affiliation is.

It is no secret that thousands of years ago there was a Vedic society and a sanatana dharma/eternal religion on the territory of Lithuania. The Sanskrit names of rivers, settlements and many similar words in the old Lithuanian language testify to this.

A yagya can be a small yagya - about two hours by a single priest - or it can last for days or even months and be performed by several hundred pandit-priests.

The power of the yagya increases exponentially with the number of pandit-priests performing Vedic chants at a time. The yagya, its type, its complexity is chosen according to the request of the Yagyaman, his kundal/aura, his desires and the events of his life. My long experience of working with high-level pandit-priests has convinced me that there is no yagya that they cannot perform. You have the opportunity to perform almost any yagya!


The monetary contribution of a yagyaman is based on a number of criteria, such as: the type of yagya; the range, quality and quantity of offerings; the duration of the hours and days; the level of the pandit-priests, etc. This amount can range from a few hundred to a few thousand euros per day and is calculated individually. You can also join an already planned


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